[WEBINAR] Improvement of the fatigue life cycle of welded structures

  • europetechnologies
  • 1 June 2021

Your welded structures are subject to mechanical resistance ? Cracking appear on your welds (weld toe, weld, and heat affected area) ? You would like to improve the fatigue life cycle of your workpiece ?

Join our webinar organized by SONATS in partneships with our subidiary EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES, to understand how to solve these problems.

Since 1991, our brand SONATS provides residual stress measurement and analysis as well as high  frequency impact treament of weld toe according to a prevent and corrective approach.


We are scheduling 2 webinars on Tuesday 29th June, 2021.


On Tuesday 29th June, 2021
5pm - 5.30pm (GMT +2)

Los Angeles : 8am – 8.30am

New-York : 11am – 11.30am


On Tuesday 29th June, 2021
9am - 9.30am (GMT +2)

Australia : 5pm – 5.30pm

Korea 4pm – 4.30pm

China 3pm – 3.30pm

UAE : 11am – 11.30am

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Our team will discussed the following topics :

  • Why and when should you use weld impact treatment – UIT/HFMI ?
  • What are the effects of weld impact treatment – UIT/HFMI ?
  • Which equipment allow this type of treatment ?
  • Which methods to measure and analyses residual stresses caused by welding ?
  • How to integrate the UIT/HFMI equipment and parts caracterisation into your workshop ?
Live-Demo - Webinar

The ultrasonic impact treatment and residual stress analysis of materials can be applied on various welded metallic (steel, aluminium and other metal alloys) structures (non-exhaustive list) :

Heavy machinery


Naval and Maritime

Handling and Lifting

Tank and Pressure Vessel

Engineering structures



EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES supports its client for the development of composite, metallic and thermoplastic products and processes, the engineering and manufacturing of standard products and processes as well as for automatized and robotized manufacturing line.


Since 1991, SONATS provides innovative impact surface treatment (shot peening, peen forming, ultrasonic impact treatment) and prestations to caracterise and measure reasidual stresses.


Empowering Technologies Inc., a Europe Technologies company, promote and integrate innovative technologies.

Founded in 2010, its mission was to promote and distribute SONATS’s innovative metallic finishing solutions to the North American market.

To support our implementation in Asia, a Chinese office has been opened in HangZhou, China, in 2018.