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01 - Ultrasonic shot peening process

Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) process differs from Conventional Shot Peening by the way the kinetic energy is given to the media.  Instead of using a constant air flow, gravity or a high speed rotation of a turbine, USP is using...

Grenaillage de précontrainte ultrasons portatif - SONATS_rev

02 - STRESSVOYAGER® - Portable ultrasonic shot peening equipment

The STRESSVOYAGER® is a portable ultrasonic shot peening equipment for in-situ treatment of simple and complex geometry parts.

32 - EN - Flexible bench - SONATS_rev

03 - Flexible bench for ultrasonic shot peening - STRESSONIC®

The flexible bench is a semi-mobile equipment for work or laboratory in order to define shot peening parameters of for manual treatments of parts...

Nanocrystallisation - SONATS

04 - Nanocrystallisation by ultrasonic shot peening

The application of nanocrystallisation by ultrasonic shot peening can be related to two objectives (surface treatment and post-treatment).

20 - FR - Solutions MRO - SONATS_rev

05 - Maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions (MRO)

Our MRO solutions can be applied on aircraft structures, engines, landing gears, blades and other components. Our solutions are suitable for commercial and military aircrafts to fit aerospace quality requirement.

25 - FR - Automobile - Grenaillage de précontrainte - SONATS_rev

06 - Automotive - Ultrasonic Shot Peening for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is always looking for solutions to reduce energy consumption and increase performance in the face of increasingly demanding demands. SONATS provides optimized, lasting and guaranteed manufacturing solutions to reach high-level objectives.

17 - EN - USP in power industry_rev

07 - ENERGY INDUSTRY - Ultrasonic shot peening for the energy industry

SONATS has developed a portable Ultrasonic Shot peening system to increase fatigue strength and reduce Stress Corrosion Cracking on critical components for commercial nuclear power plants.

08 - Medical - Ultrasonic Shot Peening for the medical industry

The STRESSONIC® process adds an entirely new dimension to shot peening in the medical field. Among its many advantages, it overcomes the pollution problems generated by conventional processes while giving improved mechanical characteristics to the different implant products.

09 - Power Generation - Ultrasonic Shot Peening

SONATS has developped an innovative and efficient technology (STRESSONIC®), only one process consistent with technical aerospace standards.

10 - Ultrasonic shot peening on motorsport engine

SONATS has developed portable Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) solution to increase fatigue strength, strength-to-weight ratio and reduce fretting fatigue on aluminium and other metallic parts.

Shot Peening and Rotary Flap Peening

11 - Shot Peening (level 1 & 2) and Rotary Plap Peening

Example of the Shot Peening (Level 1 & 2)  and Rotary Flap Peening Workshop programme in partnership with Electronics Inc.

02 - INSPECTVIEW™ - Observe the coverage rate

The Inspectview™ 20/20 camera is a portable visual inspection camera that provides unparalleled accessibility for hard to reach areas.

03 - RotoFlapMaster

The new Rotary Flap Peening System is designed to meet the highest requirements of professional and experienced aircraft technicians.

21 - Procédé UIT - SONATS_rev

01 - Ultrasonic impact treatment process - UIT/HFMI

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT) or High Frequency Mechanical Impact (HFMI) is a process achievieng the same effect, but with more process control compared to conventional hammer peening.

NOMAD - Martelage de soudure par ultrasons - SONATS_rev

02 - NOMAD - Ultrasonic Impact Treatment equipment - UIT/HFMI

NOMAD, our portable ultrasonic impact treatment system is designed to treat on-site but also in manufacturing workshop.

24 - EN - Infrastructures Ultrasonic impact treatment SONATS_rev

03 - Infrastructures - Ultrasonic Impact Treatment of welds

Fatigue life improvement of welded infrastructures with ultrasonic impact treatment.

Application Pressure Vessels - UIT- SONATS_rev

04 - Pressure vessels - Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

SONATS is specialized in the increase of the fatigue life and the Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) resistance on welded Pressure Vessels or Shells & Tube Heat Exchanger thanks to our patented STRESSONIC® process.

UIT on aluminum welding_SONATS_rev

05 - Aluminium welding - Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

SONATS has developed an UIT solution for new building and in-service aluminum ship in support of superstructure crack repair, modernization and weld repairs on sensitized aluminum.

Application Oil and Gas -UIT- SONATS_rev

06 - Oil and Gaz - Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

SONATS is specialized in the increase of the fatigue life and the Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) resistance on welded structures for the oil and gas thanks to our patented Stressonic® process.

21 - Process UIT - SONATS_rev

07 - White paper - Fatigue life improvement of welded structures by ultrasonic needle peening

This document describes SONATS research, in-field experiences and knowledge about Ultrasonic Needle Peening (UIT/HFMI). It is dedicated to any people (engineers, welders, operators, controllers) who are interested in this process.

Formage - redressage par ultrasons - SONATS

01 - STRESSVOYAGER® - Peen forming portative system

The STRESSOVYAGER® for peen forming and straightening allows treatment by you in your workshop thanks to a very high ease of use. Discovers its features and accessories.  

01 - Contour method - Destructive testing for residual stress measurements

The contour method is a destructive technique relatively easy to apply compared to the high value of the results. It allows the characterisation of ...

02 - Hole-drilling method

The incremental hole method, also known as hole-drilling followed by strain-gauges, is able to determine residual stresses into depth.

03 - Method RS Profiler - Non-destructive testing of residual stresses via Eddy Current

The RS Profiler technique uses multi-frequency eddy current control. It is a non-destructive, innovative and fast technique allowing control of residual stresses induced by manufacturing processes such as...

04 - Shot peened surface characterization

The shot peening process forms a compressive layer on the part surface. Residual stress measurement is the most reliable and extensive mean to control this operation.

05 - X-ray diffraction method

Residual stress measurement by X-ray diffraction allows product quality and control, process optimization, fatigue design improvement and maintenance predictions.

MFN - Advanced characterization control and inspection in shot peening : How to address challenges for surface finishing critical components

Dealing with finishing of ciritcal components for various industrial sectors, customers quality requirements are more and more challenging. To understand how SONATS addresses this issues, MFN had the opportunity to gain an interview with Renaud Frappier (R.F.) Metallurgical Engineer and Head of Laboratory, and Cédric Pilard (C.P.), International Sales Engineer.

MFN - Flexible, Portalbe and Automated : Shot Peening at its best

Because high value components continuously requie more controllern cleaner and more efficient shot-peening solutions, SONATS ultrasonic shot-peening solutions have become more and more relevant and bring out new benefits, from in situ shot-peening services to customer-dedicated machine. MFN was able to get arrange an interview with our porcess manager and international sales engineer from SONATS.  Download for more information.

MFN Interview - Improve the fatigue life of your critical metal components by using only a few grams of high quality beads !

The french company SONATS is driven by its unique technology. MFN wanted to know more and asked SONATS some specific questions on the STRESSONIC® technology driving its processes.

MFN Interview - Ultrasonic Shot Peening : A reliable innovative process meeting automotive industry requirements

Find out more about Ultrasonic Shot Peening for Automotive Industry. Its advantages and reliability when it comes to respecting the most demanding industry requirements in production rates.  

THE SHOT PEENER - Extending the Fatigue Life of Bridges using Stressonic Needle Peening

Application of STRESSONIC® needle peening on bridges to extend the fatigue life of welded metallic structure (principle, advantages and results).

THE SHOT PEENER - Ultrasonic Shot Peening : From portable sytems to robotic production lines

Ultrasonic Shot Peening, robust equipement used by Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Medical Industries : Handheld hermetic peening systems, Automated Multi-station Machines for Lean Manufacturing and fully Robotized cells.

THE SHOT PEENER : Non-conventional Peening Techniques

The growth of non-convetionnal peening techniques such as ultrasound.  The advantages of ultrasonic shot peening for impact treatment of parts.  

Ultrasonic Shot Peening VS Conventionnel Shot Peening - The importance of key parameters

Case study about the comparison between Ultrasonic Shot Peeing (USP) and Conventional Shot Peening (CSP) process based on surface roughness and metallography, residual stresses measurment by XRD and fatigue testing.

Shot Peening and Rotary Flap Peening

11 - Shot Peening (level 1 & 2) and Rotary Plap Peening

Example of the Shot Peening (Level 1 & 2)  and Rotary Flap Peening Workshop programme in partnership with Electronics Inc.

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