MFN PRESS ARTICLE – Ultrasonic shot peening for automotive industry

  • sonats
  • 17 May 2016

Découvrez dans cet article les avantages du grenaillage par ultrasons appliqué au secteur automobile et sa capacité à gérer efficacement les cadences de production élevées.

Ultrasonic Shot Peening : A reliable Innovative Process Meeting Automotive Industry Requirements

“Interview with Frederic CHATEAU and Juliette TRICOIRE, respectively Process Manager and International Development Engineer for the French innovative company SONATS, subsidiary of the Europe Technologies Group.

(?) MFN: This precise shot peening technology seems to be more dedicated to small volumes as in the Aerospace in- dustries. Can we imagine high-volume production for the automotive industry for example?

(!) J. T.: It’s true that Ultrasonic Shot Peening was first developed to address aerospace applications, yet we have been working for more than 10 years with Automotive OEMs, starting with Formula 1 parts in the 2000’s.

(!) F. C.: Starting from five years ago we’ve focused our experience on high volume production where our equip- ment can process up to 500,000 parts per year. Today, one machine in two we design and build is to be incorporated into automotive production lines. We are now developing machines to be delivered in the next coming years that can comply with plant production rate of 2 million parts per year.

(?) MFN: What are the challenges for you to develop your USP solution for the automotive market further?

(!) F. C.: From a process point of view, the requirements for transmission parts are really demanding. USP has proven that it is efficient and reliable for such critical applications. We manage to induce homogeneous high surface com- pressive stresses on teeth flanks and teeth roots (e.g .-1100 MPa / -145 Ksi).

(!) J. T.: Today, we can quickly provide standard interchangeable stations that enable the customer to gradually equip the production machine to comply with ramp-up periods and optimize t0617heir ROI.”

Pour lire la suite, téléchargez notre document :  Ultrasonic Shot Peening: A Reliable Innovative Process Meeting Automotive