International conference on residual stresses – ICRS11

  • europetechnologies
  • 15 March 2022

The 11th international conference on Residual Stresses will take a place in Nancy from march 28 to 30, 2022.

The conference will be punctuated by breaks during which you will be able to find a SONATS stand to discuss the processes of weld completion (ITU/HFMI), shot peening and characterization of your materials.

Donato Gallitelli (laboratory manager) and Cédric Pillard will be present to discuss your needs for improving the fatigue and stress corrosion resistance of your metal parts and welded sub-assemblies.

During this event, Europe Technologies SONATS will present its processes:

– Residual stress and material characterization

– Ultrasonic shot peening

– Ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT/HFMI)

You will be able to see our equipment during a demonstration:

StressVoyager USP (Portable shot peening equipment)

NOMAD (Portable ultrasonic impact treatment)

Soudure - Traitement de martelage