• europetechnologies
  • 13 January 2020

To meet our client’s expectations, the EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES group is pleased to announce the merger-absorption of SONATS. Indeed, our wish is to improve our visibility and our current organization to preserve our quality of services and our ability to adapt to changing markets.

Also, such a merger will allow us:

  • To obtain a unique referencing of our activities from our customers’ side ;
  • To be able to carry out large-scale projects;
  • And to become a multi-skilled operator (processes automation, assembly, welding, industrialization, manufacturing …) on metallic and composite materials

As such, it was decided to merge the two companies, EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES and SONATS, within the same legal structure : EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES.

However, SONATS will be maintained as a trademark of EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES. The same brand will continue to offer metal surface treatment solutions with our highest level of quality as usual: shot peening, HFMI/impact Treatment, straightening/forming and residual stress measurement services.