Welding mechanisation and stress-relieving – Schweissen und Schneiden !

  • europetechnologies
  • 29 June 2023

SERVISOUD and SONATS, Europe Technologies’ brands, will be exhibiting at the SCHWEISSEN UND SCHNEIDEN exhibition, dedicated to joining, cutting and surfacing technologies from september 11th to 15th, 2023.

Our team will welcome you Hall 1, booth C16.  

Weld impact treatment (UIT/HFMI)

SONATS is specialized for ultrasonic weld impact treatment (UIT/HFMI) applied with a portable system : NOMAD.

This process allows to :

• Improve fatigue resistance
• Increase in stress corrosion cracking resistance
• Correction of distorsions due to welding

In accordance with the IIW recommendations and even better. 

Réparation des voies de chemins de fer par martelage - ferroviaire - SONATS


SERVISOUD is specialized for the mechanisation of welding and others related processes, thanks to their new ranges of mobile carriage, SERVIBOT :

• The Original range: a plug and play standard carriage
• The Progressive range: a modular and evolutive carriage
• The Specific range: a modular and customized carriage

All of them are connected, standalone and programmable in all positions on rail or wheels. With thoses carriages improve your productivity, welds quality and operators safety.

Our team will welcome you Hall 1, booth C16.