WEBINAR | Shot peening innovations for high-performance transmission parts

  • europetechnologies
  • 5 November 2020

Join this webinar to find out to what extent ultrasonic shot peening could empower your transmission parts and be easily integrated directly on your production lines.

December 8th, tuesday  2020 – 02.30 pm / 03.30 pm  UTC+1 Central European Time

Topics to be presented :

  • How Ultrasonic Shot peening is responding to new automotive market requirements?
  • How are defined the key process parameters optimizing residual stresses profiles and surface roughness?
  • How localized shot peening enables accurate treatment of high fatigue load areas ?
  • How can shot peening comply with lean manufacturing and production ramp-up?



These last years, the automotive market took new orientations in Europe.

The automotive manufacturers are moving up their offer to a higher-end range, with more powerful and demanding vehicles. Thus far, two third of the new registered vehicles are SUV and we also observe an increasing share of automatic gearboxes.

The gradual awareness of end buyers towards climate change is driving and accentuating manufacturers’ developments onto hybrid, electric or even hydrogen programs, bringing their share of changings in powertrain parts and more particularly transmissions’.

Constraints & Challenges

Thus, new requirements have emerged: gearboxes and differential gear trains need to be quieter and to come up with greater mechanical resistance and sustainability.

That’s why the powertrain parts’ shot peening, taking a large part into new NVH challenges, has to be adjusted to these.

Shot peening process needs to provide higher control of residual stresses and better surface roughness and its industrialization needs to comply with programs evolutions in terms of parts diversity and production ramp-up.

With nearly 30 years of experience regarding mechanical surface empowering technologies, SONATS is specializing in shot peening using the patented ultrasonic process. We are enabling our technical customers and partners to benefit from our expertise:

From residual stress and surface characterization, through shot peening parameters definition, to customized and scalable lean industrialization, our staff and engineers provide dedicated solutions to support your rise in performance.

With proven industrial experiences in shot peening of a large range of powertrain parts, such as:

– Engines : camshaft, connecting rod, head cylinder, injector, steering rack, drive shaft, turbochargers,
– Transmission : gears (output shaft, ring gear, pinions)

SONATS offers, on December 8th a dedicated time for information and discussions about Ultrasonic Shot Peening more specifically focused on transmissions parts.


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The speaker

Frédéric CHATEAU - webinar SONATS-04

Frédéric CHATEAU

After completing his studies in mechanics and strength of materials, Frédéric began his career at GKN Automotive in 1996. He joined the R&D department where he was in charge of several durability test campaigns on test rigs in order to develop new constant velocity joints and “boots”.

In 2003, he joined the laboratory department of SANDEN, a Japanese company. During this period, he was also involved in the development of air conditioning compressors for the German automotive market.

In September 2005, he joined SONATS as a development manager for ultrasonic shot peening solutions for companies in the aerospace and aeronautics sectors. During this period Frédéric participated in various studies on shot peening.

Since 2010, he has been responsible for the engineering and production department of SONATS from where he is involved in all technical solutions to optimize the shot peening process.